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175 Liverpool Street, Sydney

When setting out to modernise a classic CBD property, the building’s owners turned to the professionals at Elevator Management Services Pty Ltd.

To keep pace with the Sydney market, one of Australia’s most iconic 70’s buildings is currently undergoing a major facelift and overhaul. As part of the project, the owners of the building, at 175 Liverpool Street, wanted to recoup more tenanted floor area. To achieve this, Elevator Management Services (EMS) were charged with the task of providing a viable solution.

Taking a collaborative approach, EMS worked with Jones Lang LaSalle, GIC and the lift contractor Otis to meet the challenge. The task for EMS was to reconfigure the building’s lift motor rooms, designed some 20 years ago, to allow the building owners to gain extra floor space.

The complex and difficult task involved devising a more compact design that would reduce the footprint of the Low Rise lift equipment and machine rooms – while still complying with all Lift Code requirement and local regulations. At the same time EMS also provided the final design to allow for 14 new lift landing entrances to the High Rise lift group, new lift car operating panels and floor renumbering. Their in depth knowledge of lift design and building codes, allowed EMS to work within strict industry parameters to deliver the best outcome.

The specialists at EMS will be on site to oversee the lift works, which are due for completion early next year.