The Riparian Plaza Brisbane lift installation consists of four (4) Low Rise Passenger lifts, six (6) High Rise Passenger lifts, one (1) High Rise Goods lift, two (2) Car Park Passenger lifts and one (1) Retail lift. The Riparian Plaza Brisbane is considering carrying out a Major Upgrade on the above twelve (12) passenger lifts and the Retail lift. The Major Upgrade would consist of a full Destination Control System DCS overlay of the existing microprocessor control lift equipment together with other minor upgrade works.

The performance of the current lift system is not meeting the expectations and requirements of similar Premium Grade Office buildings in the Brisbane CBD. The purpose of the proposed Destination Control System (DCS) is to provide Riparian Plaza with the latest in lift technology and to improve the Average Waiting Interval (AWI) on the main lobby floor.

Other minor upgrade works would be carried out including new in car colour Information Screens providing standard lift information and selected advertising media material, new lift car interior finishes to the Retail Lifts and the re-linishing of lift car doors on a number of lifts.

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