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We provide ‘independent’ professional expertise to meet your Vertical Transportation needs

Why Use An Elevator Consultant?

And why should you use a reputable ‘independent’ VT professional?

Have you asked yourself?

  • Who can provide you with an unbiased answer to your vertical transportation question?
  • Who wrote the maintenance contract that you signed and who does it protect the most?
  • Who can assist with determining your modernisation criteria, prepare the specifications and run the tender with YOUR interests in mind?
  • Who periodically monitors your vertical transportation assets and the service providing company to ensure the equipment is being maintained to industry standards?
  • As lift technicians are constantly being given more and more equipment to maintain, are you receiving the same level of preventative type maintenance that was contracted to you?
  • As the Owner or Manager of a building you have a duty of care to take responsibility for issues such as Health & Safety Legislation, disabled passenger requirements and ensuring that your elevators and/or escalators are safe, reliable and accessible to all. An experienced Lift Consultant will confirm your needs and requirements, provide unbiased, expert advice and manage your contracts, improve building aesthetics, and seek to minimise costs by evaluating suppliers through selective tendering.

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The Latest Industry News

Riparian Tower Brisbane

Riparian Tower, Brisbane

The Major Upgrade would consist of a full Destination Control System DCS overlay of the existing microprocessor control lift equipment together with other minor upgrade works.

175 Liverpool Street Sydney

175 Liverpool Street, Sydney

When setting out to modernise a classic CBD property, the building’s owners turned to the professionals at Elevator Management Services Pty Ltd.