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Elevator Monitoring Services

Improving life's ups and downs

Every lift has a story. What’s yours telling you?

Whether you’re a Facilities/Building Manager, Portfolio Manager or in Strata, most people don’t know what their lifts are doing until there’s a problem.

With the Internet of things (IOT), there’s a solution, that doesn’t lock you into a specific lift service provider, many who offer their own proprietary products, which locks you in or you loose that service or pay for it again with the next provider.

Now there’s a solution!

Elevator Monitoring Services (EMS) have partnered with global elevator component manufacturer Avire to provide a remotely managed, product-agnostic lift monitoring service. Independent of your lift contractor, so that you have complete flexibility and access to this GOLD information at your fingertips.

Scalable to your budget, it works with any brand of lift, capable of monitoring door operation, lift movement, emergency telephones and more, so you can quickly and easily find out what your lifts are up to, 24/7.