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About Us

Establishment of Elevator Management Services

Elevator Management Services (EMS), established in 1993 is an ‘independent’ Vertical Transportation Consultancy company specialising in elevators (lifts), escalators, moving walkways, inclinators, car stackers, automatic entry doors and building maintenance units (BMU). We provide professional consultancy services across all facets covering a full life cycle of vertical transportation installations. Some of these include:

  • Design of new installations (technical specifications)
  • Modernisation/upgrade of existing installation
  • Maintenance audits and life cycle reports
  • Independent maintenance agreement contract documentation and tendering
  • Traffic analysis and energy consumption reporting
  • Insurance inspections/ damage reports
  • Hazard and Risk identification
  • General inspections and due diligence
  • Independent Vertical Transportation specialist advice
  • Qualified Annual Fire Safety Statement services
  • Qualified Vertical Transportation Design Practitioner (VTDP)
  • Expert Legal Advice
  • Elevator Monitoring Services

mEET Our Team

Our team at Elevator Management Services (EMS) are passionate about all things Vertical Transportation. Our Consultants have lived and breathed elevators and escalators since completing their apprenticeships in their younger years! They have an extensive understanding of not only the mechanics, but also the expectations, tolerances, Codes, Practices, products and suppliers in the VT industry. Our team often get called on for their expert opinions and recommendations, which has led to the great success of our company as we now proudly celebrate being the longest serving Elevator Consultants founded in NSW, serving clients Australia-wide for 29 years!

Rod Post - Elevator Management Services

Rod Post

Director/Senior Consultant

Rod began his career in the lift industry over 35 years ago when he started as an Electrical Fitter/Mechanic with Johns Perry Lifts. Since then, he has worked in various roles within the industry including Apprentice, Senior Technical Adjuster, Account Manager, Construction Supervisor, Service/Maintenance Supervisor, Sales Engineer, Newcastle-Northern NSW Area Service Manager and now over 20+ years as an Independent Consultant.

In 2021 Rod gained recognition as Design Practitioner Vertical Transportation, as assessed by Engineers Australia. This qualification as well as being a Certified Fire Safety Practitioner for Emergency Lifts, provides a skill set only a few others in the industry have obtained. He is also a registered Justice of the Peace, a free service he provides to anyone in the community.

Rod has earned the respect of our clients, we believe, because of his superior service delivery and approachable manner. He builds good relationships, as he values and honours our clients, suppliers, contractors, partners and associates. Drawing on these years of extensive industry specific experience, you can be confident that you will receive quality, professional consultancy service that addresses your requirements.

Gary Ford - Elevator Management Services

Gary Ford


Gary has two decades of experience in the lift industry, having worked as Lift Technician, Project Manager and Senior Engineer in the United Kingdom and Australia since 2002. He has worked on the construction and maintenance of vertical transportation installations across many projects in the public, private and residential sectors. This, together with achieving a number of related diplomas, both in technical and applied business, provides Gary with a huge knowledge base and experience to draw upon when working with each individual client and their individual needs.

Having attained immense industry specific training, experience and knowledge from both the European and Australian markets, Gary has exposure to a greater variety of equipment, a broader skillset from a global perspective, worked with some of the world’s largest lift companies, Gary has a broad understanding on how to get the best performance from various levels of management. As an advocate for you, he uses this knowledge to improve the level of service for our customers provided by these organisations. Gary has been an affiliate of the Lift Engineering Society of Australia since 2014 and the Australian Elevator Association (as a technical member) since 2019.

You will find Gary offers excellent communication skills and is very approachable. Since joining EMS in early 2009, Gary utilises his invaluable contacts, knowledge and experience within all facets of the lift industry, to continually provide our valued long-term and new clients alike with independent professional consultancy.

Christina Davies - Elevator Management Services

Christina Davies

Office Manager

Christina is our task-driven Office Manager with over 15 years of administrative experience in managing client-centric office operations. She is recognised for her excellent time management, organisation and work ethic. Her positive personality, interpersonal skills, and her commitment to providing a high-quality service, leave a lasting impression with each of our valued clients.

Christina provides the EMS team with senior management support, and implements our ongoing development of internal technical and information systems. She is equipped with the ability to facilitate all aspects of internal and external communications, support the day-to-day administrative, financial and operation functions by working collaboratively with our team, clients and external stakeholders.

Christina is passionate about establishing internal communication protocols to build & enhance trust and partnership. Should you require any assistance with regards to Accounts, or a need for further information, please do not hesitate to contact Christina.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our customers with a truly valued add level of service focused on the customer requirements offering fully independent and expert advice on all facets across the Vertical Transportation industry.


All of our professional advice and inspections are in accordance with the Australian Standards AS1735, European Union EN81 (20/50), Australian Contracts and all Australian State Work Cover Authority requirements. Our Consultants are conversant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), also known as the National Construction Code (NCC) with reference in our reports to safe access, disabled discrimination compliance and fire code requirements.


Elevator Management Services have:
Public and Products Liability $20M – Allianz Insurance. 
Professional Indemnity $10M – AIG  Insurance.
Workers Compensation – Work Cover Industry Classification, iCare.

Copies of all insurances can be provided on request.